Reinforcing the values by learning everyday …

I have a ‘habit’ … reviewing essential movies once every few years.

Last weekend I have started with ‘Once upon a time in America‘ and then continued with ‘A Bronx Tale‘ . 

They are both on what is this land all about, but the second came in on a different path:

After almost 4 hours of enjoyment with Robert de Niro, I went on-line to check on his current status and among other things discovered a little bit about his human side … did not know before that is the son of 2 painters … and his directorial début was with the Bronx tale in memoriam of his late father Robert de Niro Sr.

A possible difference might be on the ethnicity: hoodlums of Jews vs. the Italian ones 

It is nice that there are few goodfellas in America too!

3 thoughts on “Reinforcing the values by learning everyday …

  1. Now, Analyse This: Righteous Kill …

    I felt/saw it coming from ‘above’ for a long time: in this binary world there is always a third gang – police … NY has UN but also a PD … should I spell it … well, I am talking of the world police … unfortunately for now we only have poetic justice for that!

    Don’t go Jungian or Rotten Tomatoes on me but stick to the core – Cain & Able … if you even mention Freud I’ll send you to anger management

    Bob is always coming good but here Al is the hero … well, in the Heat of the moment I almost forgot that Cain could be Able and vice-versa

    Waiting for ideas … I’ll accept even poems 😉

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