Tracking again …

After some period of inactivity the classical notation is getting ‘lost’ on some deep memory lanes. While enjoying once more ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ and doing some code hacking it came to me to get back on hexing!

Of course is SunVox but more hardcore tracking is with reVISIT especially since is closer to home (at least the current one, GMT +5) plus has a PhD Thesis attached 🙂

Supporting Liveness and Flow in Computer Music

… going once more over Chris thesis made me realized the obvious 🙂 :

Another example of the effects of the computer revolution in the post -industrial and -corporate world – the ever expanding and multiplying meanings of Electronic Music.

This goes among interprets, composers, studio folks just to name a few!

I don’t know if the trackers will win … most probable is that they will still remain the ‘expert’s tool like Linux in the OS world.

… just getting in Alexander (Zolotov) way … SunVoxing:


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