The ‘industry’ in this global village …

Originally it come to me just as an altrusitic and deontological push!

(context is here: on Sequioa)

But on my ‘lips’ come possibly a little bit of truth on ‘nature’, and on trying to preserve it!

So … !?!

And just to get you out of onether click:

Lennard V Jay

This is Heavily a Professional grade Mastering Software ! It can’t or Shouldn’t be compared with any other Like Audition..Sound Fordge… All are Out By Miles compared With SEQUIA. Funny thing is Due to Ver 12 ‘s ability to Direct import mp3 files.. Averages get a feeling as this is a LOW tech Application …! I think by Allowing this mp3 capability MAGIX has made a Fatal Error …. It only should be allowed to Import Wave & MIDI tracks ..

Daniel Stoica

Dear Lennard (V Jay) …

Being ‘professional’ do not exclude being ‘funny’ (sorry for the old english)

Magix is just ‘funny’ in selling their ‘buyouts’ (german tehnology coming to the ‘civilized’ continent – North America) …

So, as far as .mp3 goes … they are just hopping/dreaming of fooling somebody on getting the ‘bigest/oldest tree’!

As a matter of fact, this has no consequences, cause’ we know very much/enough about it!

… and don’t get to much on master-ing/ship … if people can compose, mix and possibly then master their music in the same place … and, as a preview, can post on the net an ,mp3 … why not !?!


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