Mda … este acum clar … ArchiCAD wins!


Apart from the ergonomics (meaning lack of up to date current standars on graphical (UI) support) … we are talking here of the main buzz word(s) … BIM (Building Information Model) … IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), I believe, are getting here best implementation (for now)!

while ‘der Baum’ engineers are hi(n)tting (at) it hard, the maghiars are really doing it as seen above!

And since everybody loves history here is a bit of some evolutionary one:


Warm places … ‘from Siberia with love’ …

… and just to keep the ‘Mentoring’ alive … Alex just got upraded

What’s in this version 2014 01 23:
* engine optimization;
* extended Visualization Parameters in the Module Properties;
* new module – Sound2Ctl; this module can convert the audio signal to the numeric value of any selected controller;
* new module – MultiCtl; with this module you can control multiple controllers at once;
* now you can set the name of the pattern, instead of the 16×16 icon;
* now the screen orientation can be changed manually in the Preferences -> Interface -> Angle;

While hacking/hexing might be hard for some of us, at least we can get our playlists to the current ‘state of affairs’! … just a nice sample:


ERD is here … looking forward for Nexus …

… and not this one – 🙂
(the context should be clear for the ones with opened eyes … it is about the ideas of Ramez Naam in Nexus and Crux)

… I remember the times of my last academic touches in the shoes of a student, the middle of the 90′ – my dear professors having the break and push of a strike where trying to teach me (over a glass of bear) on the eq(u)alitarism and social normalities … and me trying to subdue the fact (having already over 23 years of Romanian experience) that they should listen rather to me on that platform … making story short, the Academia in North America, having tenure and no personal historical and social venues to care about and be trained in real-time fight for freedoms, was just ‘bla bla bla’-ing a lot in a sterile socialistic way! [if even Marx would hear them (without even the experience of the implementations of the last 100 years) would have a great laugh]

Last year, while being in talks on starting a hackers lab at the University (York U mind you) I realized that 10+ years did in fact an involution and prove my original point … indoctrination is running high around … too bad is hitting even the ‘illuminated’ and ‘free’ minds!

* the bad thing: they where ‘showing’ me even more constrains on the possible evolution in Computer Science – when in the middle of concrete analyses of current state of affairs and possible solutions, were just hitting me back with the legality of things, sometimes hidden in financial/resource constrains enunciations!

* the good thing: coming from their (quantitative mind you) statistics on the decrease of academic output in the industry, they started felling the need of at least some grey hat local expertise!

And the worse was around the corner – the lab has to be under the design and jurisdiction of the Federal Government (Canadian at least for now;-) and taught by PhD holders… my concluding remarks where obvious … useless, what is then the point of ‘training’ some young brilliant minds … perhaps to get in-line and follow the herd !?!

ArchiCAD, Allplan, Chief Architect … anyone? …

… sau mai pe Romineste – Ungurii, Nemtii sau Americanii?

La indemnuri patriarhale sint in explorari arhitecturale … clasic cind vorbesti de chestii de ‘Baum’ te gindesti implicit la nemti, cu Allplan … dar baietii din Buda sint tare populari si au functii tare dragute ca de exemplu GDL (Graphic Description Language) care permite crearea de ‘blocuri’ inteligente!

Dupa cum declaram comunitar acum ceva timp – toti ‘expertii’ iti vorbesc de (Auto)CAD dar pina si aici la nivel de desen generic avem, cred, o alternativa mai buna in MicroStation; stiu ca este Autolisp dar … ma tare inerveaza ‘the Office look an feel’; in plus cind vorbim de specialitati cred ca ideal este folosirea utilitarelor specializate … si nu extensii ca de exemplu Arch. Desktop!

Sugestiile sint binevenite!

Allplan Chief Architect ArchiCAD

Audio out/Video in … (LIFO is just for them not for us :-) …

Gata! este timp de pauza de o tigare vizuala; fiind aproape un an de chestii cu proponderenta muzicala si Nuke 8.0v1 fiind in ‘magazine’ … ma uit in biblioteca publica umbulanta si ce gasesc in departamentul ‘/tuts/ve’: ‘Nuke for Trainers’, 1 & 2

In plus contextual, este deja pregnanta ‘simtirea’ ca astia de aici sint prea ‘destepti’ ca sa ia ceva cu urechile; este psihologie clasica: mesajul, cultural ba mai degraba informational este cel putin 90% vizual!

Uite sumarul celor gasite in caz ca cineva vrea sa ‘inchirieze’ ceva pentru ‘indoctrinare’ vizuala:

nuke version used: X, 6.2v3 / total duration: 30:36:01
 1.1 an introduction to Nuke (2:21:11)
 1.2 compositing (1:22:55)
 1.3 animation, transforms anc color (1:09:23)
 1.4 color correction, warping and morphing (1:38:12) 
 1.5 effects and filters (1:03:06)
 1.6 time, editors and utilities (2:01:46)
 1.7 roto, rotopaint and text (2:02:34) 
 1.8 keying and tracking (1:56:10) 
 1.9 3d, projections and uv mapping (1:47:38) 
1.10 3d transforms, displacements, lights shaders and cards (2:15:43) 
 2.1 preferences, caching, versioning, contract & layer contact sheet 
 2.2 3rd party data, 3d roto, sky replacements and pointto3d (1:24:22)
 2.3 reconcile3d, motion blur and expressions (1:13:42)
 2.4 advanced keying and grain management (1:56:41) 
 2.5 lens distortion, 3d tracking, point cloud/depth generation and mesh (59:30) 
 2.6 rig removal and clean-up, set extensions and aov passes (1:41:31) 
 2.7 stereoscopic (1:03:04)
 2.8 coverage mapping and environmental mapping (1:00:01)
 2.9 projection solver and modeler (53:15)
2.10 metadata, gizmos and python (1:39:38)

inca un motiv – ‘patriotism’ – in comunitatea ‘financiara’ am un flacau care a participat/luat de curind un Oscar pentru efecte; si folosesc, ce altceva decit Nuke!

cred ca pina la urma nu pot uita ce stiu mai mult si o sa pornesc pe ‘ocolisuri’ clasice deja pe aici – python dev.; trebuie gasit si facut un diff la PAPI v6 cu v8!

My Little Pingu'(s) getting an Evergreen life ….

finally I have my old-/all- time dist. (SuSE) on my dear Pi(e)s and Robots (Androids) and they are going to stay Green 🙂


Much effort was put in testing openSUSE 13.1, with improvements to our automated openQA testing tool, a global bug fixing hackathon and more. The btrfs file system has received a serious workout and while not default, is considered stable for everyday usage. This release has been selected for Evergreen maintenance extending its life cycle to 3 years.

openSUSE moves forward with AArch64, making openSUSE ready for development on the upcoming generation of 64bit ARM devices. 32bit ARM support has been heavily improved and a special Raspberry Pi build for openSUSE is available. This release also delivers GCC 4.8 with new error reporting abilities, the latest glibc supporting AArch64, C11 and Intel TSX Lock Elision, the new SDL2 and Qt 5.1, bringing QML and C++11 features to developers.

Desktop users will appreciate the Android devices integration in the KDE file manager, in the shell and in music player Amarok. Artists have to try out the new Krita improvements with textured painting, greyscale masks & selections and more. GNOME Shell introduces a redesign of the system status bar and Header Bars in many applications, making better use of screen space. Enlightenment now also has an openSUSE theme.

… finally we get out of the Orwellian type of animal farms (networks) :

an Ylvis really nice parody … here is the right add to catch the mind of the new generations (the ones that really count) … M$oft and Apple have reasons to go to school!

And since here we are switching from AppDev. to SysDev. we have to get to C/C++; it took more than 30 years and 4 revision to finally get some functionality in the language (C++) – meaning the functional paradigm with the lambdas and the real stuff; for those that didn’t know, Bjarne’s book is public:
… and for language brush-up, here is the tour and the textbook!