My Little Pingu'(s) getting an Evergreen life ….

finally I have my old-/all- time dist. (SuSE) on my dear Pi(e)s and Robots (Androids) and they are going to stay Green 🙂


Much effort was put in testing openSUSE 13.1, with improvements to our automated openQA testing tool, a global bug fixing hackathon and more. The btrfs file system has received a serious workout and while not default, is considered stable for everyday usage. This release has been selected for Evergreen maintenance extending its life cycle to 3 years.

openSUSE moves forward with AArch64, making openSUSE ready for development on the upcoming generation of 64bit ARM devices. 32bit ARM support has been heavily improved and a special Raspberry Pi build for openSUSE is available. This release also delivers GCC 4.8 with new error reporting abilities, the latest glibc supporting AArch64, C11 and Intel TSX Lock Elision, the new SDL2 and Qt 5.1, bringing QML and C++11 features to developers.

Desktop users will appreciate the Android devices integration in the KDE file manager, in the shell and in music player Amarok. Artists have to try out the new Krita improvements with textured painting, greyscale masks & selections and more. GNOME Shell introduces a redesign of the system status bar and Header Bars in many applications, making better use of screen space. Enlightenment now also has an openSUSE theme.

… finally we get out of the Orwellian type of animal farms (networks) :

an Ylvis really nice parody … here is the right add to catch the mind of the new generations (the ones that really count) … M$oft and Apple have reasons to go to school!

And since here we are switching from AppDev. to SysDev. we have to get to C/C++; it took more than 30 years and 4 revision to finally get some functionality in the language (C++) – meaning the functional paradigm with the lambdas and the real stuff; for those that didn’t know, Bjarne’s book is public:
… and for language brush-up, here is the tour and the textbook!


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