Audio out/Video in … (LIFO is just for them not for us :-) …

Gata! este timp de pauza de o tigare vizuala; fiind aproape un an de chestii cu proponderenta muzicala si Nuke 8.0v1 fiind in ‘magazine’ … ma uit in biblioteca publica umbulanta si ce gasesc in departamentul ‘/tuts/ve’: ‘Nuke for Trainers’, 1 & 2

In plus contextual, este deja pregnanta ‘simtirea’ ca astia de aici sint prea ‘destepti’ ca sa ia ceva cu urechile; este psihologie clasica: mesajul, cultural ba mai degraba informational este cel putin 90% vizual!

Uite sumarul celor gasite in caz ca cineva vrea sa ‘inchirieze’ ceva pentru ‘indoctrinare’ vizuala:

nuke version used: X, 6.2v3 / total duration: 30:36:01
 1.1 an introduction to Nuke (2:21:11)
 1.2 compositing (1:22:55)
 1.3 animation, transforms anc color (1:09:23)
 1.4 color correction, warping and morphing (1:38:12) 
 1.5 effects and filters (1:03:06)
 1.6 time, editors and utilities (2:01:46)
 1.7 roto, rotopaint and text (2:02:34) 
 1.8 keying and tracking (1:56:10) 
 1.9 3d, projections and uv mapping (1:47:38) 
1.10 3d transforms, displacements, lights shaders and cards (2:15:43) 
 2.1 preferences, caching, versioning, contract & layer contact sheet 
 2.2 3rd party data, 3d roto, sky replacements and pointto3d (1:24:22)
 2.3 reconcile3d, motion blur and expressions (1:13:42)
 2.4 advanced keying and grain management (1:56:41) 
 2.5 lens distortion, 3d tracking, point cloud/depth generation and mesh (59:30) 
 2.6 rig removal and clean-up, set extensions and aov passes (1:41:31) 
 2.7 stereoscopic (1:03:04)
 2.8 coverage mapping and environmental mapping (1:00:01)
 2.9 projection solver and modeler (53:15)
2.10 metadata, gizmos and python (1:39:38)

inca un motiv – ‘patriotism’ – in comunitatea ‘financiara’ am un flacau care a participat/luat de curind un Oscar pentru efecte; si folosesc, ce altceva decit Nuke!

cred ca pina la urma nu pot uita ce stiu mai mult si o sa pornesc pe ‘ocolisuri’ clasice deja pe aici – python dev.; trebuie gasit si facut un diff la PAPI v6 cu v8!


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