ERD is here … looking forward for Nexus …

… and not this one – 🙂
(the context should be clear for the ones with opened eyes … it is about the ideas of Ramez Naam in Nexus and Crux)

… I remember the times of my last academic touches in the shoes of a student, the middle of the 90′ – my dear professors having the break and push of a strike where trying to teach me (over a glass of bear) on the eq(u)alitarism and social normalities … and me trying to subdue the fact (having already over 23 years of Romanian experience) that they should listen rather to me on that platform … making story short, the Academia in North America, having tenure and no personal historical and social venues to care about and be trained in real-time fight for freedoms, was just ‘bla bla bla’-ing a lot in a sterile socialistic way! [if even Marx would hear them (without even the experience of the implementations of the last 100 years) would have a great laugh]

Last year, while being in talks on starting a hackers lab at the University (York U mind you) I realized that 10+ years did in fact an involution and prove my original point … indoctrination is running high around … too bad is hitting even the ‘illuminated’ and ‘free’ minds!

* the bad thing: they where ‘showing’ me even more constrains on the possible evolution in Computer Science – when in the middle of concrete analyses of current state of affairs and possible solutions, were just hitting me back with the legality of things, sometimes hidden in financial/resource constrains enunciations!

* the good thing: coming from their (quantitative mind you) statistics on the decrease of academic output in the industry, they started felling the need of at least some grey hat local expertise!

And the worse was around the corner – the lab has to be under the design and jurisdiction of the Federal Government (Canadian at least for now;-) and taught by PhD holders… my concluding remarks where obvious … useless, what is then the point of ‘training’ some young brilliant minds … perhaps to get in-line and follow the herd !?!


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