Dubsteping … with some history …

this is from: Interactive Composition: Strategies Using Ableton Live and Max for Live

Dubstep is a U.K. electronic dance style started in 2005, often cited as beginning with the Skream track “Midnight Request Line” then later Americanized into a very different style with the same name. We will explore the differences between U.K. and U.S. Dubstep in a bit. The name “dubstep” is a portmanteau of two other electronic music subgenres: “dub” music and “2-step” or “2-step garage.” There are also significant influences in the genre from the United Kingdom’s Grime subgenre of hip-hop, and some significant contributions from drum and bass. Here is a short recipe for dubstep music, using ingredients from each of these subgenres.

Rasfoind prin carte si analizind proiectele in Ableton Live am vrut sa vad ce mai fac doi vechi ‘prieteni’ virtuali …

Tom Cosm, ‘tiganul’ meu din Australia … sau poate Noua Zeelanda … nu conteaza oricum, este si mai rau decit il stiam!

In ‘tinerete’ avea ‘braids’ si acum sa tuns si are barba dar tot tastatura foloseste in compozitii …

cum era:

si acum:

Mai intersant este ca sa apucat de jucarii serioase:

Un alt muzicant, foarte prolific pe Youtube, de urmarit este Jonathan “Scooter” Clark; ca este doar compatriot si verile se ocupa de impaduriri … ‘nebun’ ca orice canadian … doar nu avem destui copaci pe aici!


1 thought on “Dubsteping … with some history …

  1. Cit priveste pe Tomita, am ‘auzit’ de el cu ani in urma, cum de multe ori se intimpla pe frontul rusesc, unde gasesti tot felul de chestii interesante;

    Introduction to Digital Audio Production Using Ableton Live [2011, ENG]
    4.84 GB
    Ableton Live Sound Design [2011, ENG]
    3.91 GB
    Dubstep and Glitch Hop Power Course [2011, ENG]
    3.13 GB
    Pitch Black Remix Production [2013, ENG]
    2.93 GB

    TOTALs: 14.81 GB / 60 Videos / 30:59:00

    Aproape 31 de ore de 'hacking' musical in Ableton Live!

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