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Romania and America all the same!

An uncommon thread on my mainly musical blog:

Some of my people from here try to hide where they are coming from. I never did and I’ ll never do. The pinnacle of stupidity in one’s country does not define a person. An now let’s look at the so called extremes:

In Romania we have finally a ‘Army General’ hopefully soon put behind bars. The Capitan Gabriel Oprea got in the highest military rank by fraud and politics and the same goes for his academic credentials. He was even decorated twice with high national honours!

Să nu aveţi încredere în căpitanul Gabriel Oprea!

Adevaratul CV al lui Gabriel Oprea, dezvaluit de militari indignati: Intoxicari, FALSURI, smecherii

Senatorii juristi, de acord ca Gabriel Oprea sa fie urmarit penal pentru ucidere din culpa

And the list goes on and on!

The 60’s, 70’s and JFK era with the ‘flower power’ where probably the last chances for the Americans to regain their dream. Now with a corporate, military dictatorship based on corruption and the CNN indoctrination there is hardly a chance to get any freedom back!

USA it is called the most ‘civilised’ and ‘democratic’ country in the world but Jesse tells us the real story with such candid, direct and popular words. Sometimes too educated discourses like those coming from Chomsky are to hard to get through to the majority of people: