Unora le place Jazul …

… dar mie de prea mult … nu Gin si nici Georgica de pe aici … ci ala cu Ginger si prieten cu George care a disparut prea tinar, am treaba doar cu miscarea fara prea multe batai din picioare :-))))))

Hot was hot …

… but not this hot …


OpenSourcefullness …

But let’s start with the ‘end’ cause’ is just the beginning:
You want for your church, in this case Romanian Orthodox, to have a custom voice and you find a Catholic:

Then with the ‘Organ del Mundo’ you not only tweak the interface but go deep in the bowls of the beast. I know that you might need some electrical engineering and/or computer science in your belly but what the ‘hell’ when you are coming with:
Organ Tweaks
We are not talking of inter-confessional connections but freedom towards the things that can be done for the purpose at hand: remain as much as we can human beings.
For the Reaktor at the end of the food chain you might pay or not a license, but still is a tool like the one that started the damn thing: the computer!
People might wonder why I choose UNIX/Linux, C  and Reaktor as my first toys … to get the truth you have to get back to the ‘end’ and restart your karmic cycle!
Linus had his ways and I have mine, cause’ it is called brotherhood … just to stay in the church lingo!
As far as the title, you can add it to your dictionary with the blessing of my poetic license!